[Glass] How to get a working https request ?

Marten Felddtmann m at feldtmann.online
Mon Oct 23 02:52:21 PDT 2023


when doing some experiments with an external system I had to call the 
external system - on my home machine all stuff is http and localhost, so 
no problems ... but then I moved it to the internet system to play there 
I ran into a problem I never thought of - all https requests a failing.

I can choose all possible Gemstone version 3.6.x and try to get the 
content of a https call and it always fails. Does anyone knows HOW to do 
a https request in Gemstone ?

     | aZnClient |

         aZnClient := ZnClient new.
             url: 'https://gemtalksystems.com' ;
             method: #GET ;

results into:

a SecureSocketError occurred (error 2755), socket error , secureConnect 
failed, error:1416F086:SSL 
routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify 

Any concrete ideas ?


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