[Glass] rest api returning large result

Otto Behrens otto at finworks.biz
Thu May 16 22:09:34 PDT 2024


We are running into a performance problem where our API returns about 70MB
json content. We run a nginx web server which connects to a WAGsZincAdaptor
that we start in a topaz session. Do you perhaps have the same kind of
setup and can you please give me some advice on this?

We found that converting objects to json (using Object >> asJson from
Seaside-JSON-Core) was not performing great, but was eating loads of memory
because of WABuilder >> render:. This is not the issue and we improved this
a bit (by eliminating String streamContents: and streaming more directly).

The problem seems to be that after producing the json content, transmitting
the response takes a long time.

As an experiment, I read a 16MB file from disk and returned that as the
result of an API call to eliminate all json producing code. I used curl as
a client on the same machine as the nginx server, stone and the topaz
session and it takes 26 seconds. This eliminates most overhead (no network

The stack below is what I see most of the time:

1  SocketStream >> nextPutAll:  @natCode+0x4d  [GsNMethod 169113089]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee9930=StackLimit[-218] , callerFP:
  arg 1:0x7f2bee7f0de0 (cls:103425 ByteArray size:16384)
  rcvr: 0x7f2bff68f670 (cls:144280577 SocketStream size:12)
2  ZnBivalentWriteStream >> next:putAll:startingAt:  @natCode+0x2cf
 [GsNMethod 158727169]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee9960=StackLimit[-212] , callerFP:
  arg 3:69337098 (SmallInteger 8667137)
  arg 2:0x7f2c0064fe50 (cls:74753 String size:16627226)'(large_or_fwd (size
  arg 1:131074 (SmallInteger 16384)
  rcvr: 0x7f2c00675370 (cls:145086465 ZnBivalentWriteStream size:2)
3  ZnUtils class >> nextPutAll:on:  @natCode+0x421  [GsNMethod 175369473]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee99b0=StackLimit[-202] , callerFP:
  arg 2:0x7f2c00675370 (cls:145086465 ZnBivalentWriteStream size:2)
  arg 1:0x7f2c0064fe50 (cls:74753 String size:16627226)'(large_or_fwd (size
  rcvr: 0x7f2c0c335750 oid:143053313 (cls:143054593 ZnUtils class size:19)
4  ZnByteArrayEntity >> writeOn:  @natCode+0xdb  [GsNMethod 269993473]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee99e0=StackLimit[-196] , callerFP:
  arg 1:0x7f2c00675370 (cls:145086465 ZnBivalentWriteStream size:2)
  rcvr: 0x7f2c00651f00 (cls:145996545 ZnByteArrayEntity size:3)
5  ZnEntityWriter >> writeEntity:  @natCode+0x382  [GsNMethod 269988609]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee9a30=StackLimit[-186] , callerFP:
  arg 1:0x7f2c00651f00 (cls:145996545 ZnByteArrayEntity size:3)
  rcvr: 0x7f2c00675398 (cls:145876737 ZnEntityWriter size:2)
6  ZnMessage >> writeOn:  @natCode+0x295  [GsNMethod 158696193]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee9a60=StackLimit[-180] , callerFP:
  arg 1:0x7f2c00675370 (cls:145086465 ZnBivalentWriteStream size:2)
  rcvr: 0x7f2c0064fe20 (cls:145901313 ZnResponse size:3)
7  ZnResponse >> writeOn:  @natCode+0x1f0  [GsNMethod 155024025857]
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee9a90=StackLimit[-174] , callerFP:
  arg 1:0x7f2bff68f670 (cls:144280577 SocketStream size:12)
  rcvr: 0x7f2c0064fe20 (cls:145901313 ZnResponse size:3)
8  ZnSingleThreadedServer >> writeResponse:on:  @natCode+0xa3  [GsNMethod
              FP: 0x7f2c0fee9ab8=StackLimit[-169] , callerFP:
  arg 2:0x7f2bff68f670 (cls:144280577 SocketStream size:12)
  arg 1:0x7f2c0064fe20 (cls:145901313 ZnResponse size:3)
  rcvr: 0x7f2bff5de528 oid:4763064833 (cls:144532225
ZnManagingMultiThreadedServer size:9)

Kind regards

Otto Behrens

+27 82 809 2375
[image: FINWorks]
[image: FINWorks] <http://za.linkedin.com/in/waltherbehrens>

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