[GemStone-Smalltalk] Possible Date bug in GS64 3.1 or 3.x??

Dennis Smith dennis at CherniakSoftware.com
Wed May 7 12:42:33 PDT 2014

In 3.x "Time now" was corrected to take into account the Gemstone 
current TimeZone -- that was nice, fixed
a problem we had, so I copied the fix to 2.x and it worked.

However, in both 2.x and the that we are using, "Date today" 
does not have a similar fix, so you get strange results.

We have a client with 2 databases.  The client is in Vancouver which is 
"PST", and one GS is PST but the other is MST, which is one our East.

So we get
     May 7 11:59pm    ->     May 7 00:01am   ->   May 8 01:00 am

In other words the date does not slip over until 1am.

It was simple enough to get "Date today" from "DateAndTime" like "Time now".

So, maybe this is fixed in a later 3.x??   I don't have one to look at.

Dennis Smith
Cherniak Software Development Corporation
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Email  dennis at cherniaksoftware.com

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