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We are using Jruby in the context of an SOA implementation i.e. a micro service that has persistence needs , there’s no UI involved per se. I’m accustomed to either doing REST or often loading a Java jar into Jruby and using Jruby’s much terser and arguably more ST like syntax to leverage whatever Java comm lib.

So trying to wrap Gemstone/S C libs or using CGI is a level of pain that I would not be used to or feel necessary in the context of what’s generally available today. 

In other words I feel that Gembuilder/J should be available in some sort of open-source , free at least under certain circumstances scenario. Gemstone/S has a lot to offer but and many more may consider it if they could play with it without all that pain. That means folks used to leveraging JVM based languages at least the enterprise devs and therefore that means a Java lib.

I thought I saw the blurb about licensing and it just directed me to talk to my Gemstone/S Sales rep, but I will check your link.

Re: Mongo and Redis, what I mean to say is that if I want to use either of these DB technologies I can very easily do so and from typical modern ways without constraints. I know you all have to eat but I’m sorry this just reminds me of why Smalltalk got relegated back to the island it was born from, the balloon deflated under all the weight that vendors have burdened it with.

Re: my Seaside comment, what I was alluding to was that I am aware one can leverage Gemstone / S from Seaside but that I did not want to use Seaside to front an RPC protocol to my app.


You all should make Gembuilder/J libs free and should consider that you will make your money once a project deploys a large enough installation of Gemstone/S , never mind consulting fees from onboarded projects.

Hope all is well



Charles Monteiro

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Hi Charles,

On Dec 1, 2016, at 7:55 AM, Charles Monteiro via GemStone-Smalltalk <gemstone-smalltalk at lists.gemtalksystems.com> wrote:

given that all Gemstone clients require licenses i.e. VW , VA and GBJ i.e. there are fees associated with any of these paths, therefore it can be said that there's really no real free solution that can be used to test out ideas , a problem that has plagued Smalltalk since folks decided to venture out of the Xerox Parc labs. 

You are right that Cincom and Instantiations both charge for commercial use of their products (as far as I know). You can use the Community Edition license of GemStone/S 64 Bit with other clients, including Pharo and Dolphin, or even Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc., by using the included GCI interface and the client’s FFI.

Note that it is not the model of any new modern databases i.e. the Mongo and Redis's of this new brave world.

You are right that Mongo and Redis do not map well to Smalltalk objects.

So how crazy expensive is a GBJ license anyhow ?

To learn more about GemStone licenses, see https://gemtalksystems.com/licensing/.

oh, and pls correct me if I have missed something except for telling me to do Seaside dev, since what I would be contemplating would be providing persistence to an app cluster.

What is it about "providing persistence to an app cluster" that makes it incompatible with a web-based UI?





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