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1) Jade and a little tODE.
2) We add code to GemStone classes as loose methods to GS classes and 
these loose method belong to Monticello packages.
3) Mostly Github (and Squeak Source (Monticello packages) as backup).
4) GS scripts and/or mcz files.


El 04/12/2017 a las 11:47, via GemStone-Smalltalk escribió:
> Hi,
> We're interested to know what techniques other GemStone users are 
> using for their GS Smalltalk code management and deployment processes, 
> hence a few very general questions to anybody inclined to answer:
> 1)What tools/editors do you use for writing GS Smalltalk code?
> 2)What packaging system do you use for organising your code and 
> separating out your extensions to core classes from GemTalk Systems' 
> own code?
> 3)Which version control system do you use, and in what kind of 
> structure do you store your code (what does one file in your source 
> code repository represent, if file-based)?  How do you extract a 
> deployable set of changes from your version control system?
> 4)What mechanism do you use for uploading code to your production 
> GemStone DB?
> Any feedback much appreciated!
> Thanks and regards,
> Martin
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