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Hi James,


That would be ideal if we could have full GemBuild functionality to replicate remote objects and not worry about low level handling for that (similar to what we currently do with GBS-VW). For several reasons, I’m currently investigating options to switch from VW to C#, but without GemBuilder for C#, it would be a big job.


We already have an old C++ interface library that we created several years ago to provide direct access to Gemstone libraries (for direct login, etc), but it would be nice to know if there is any .Net library available for that purpose (to make it easier for C# use). This is the minimum I expected, but GemBuilder would be ideal.






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Hi Shahram,


I was wondering why I hadn’t seen the original question, and I now see that it was from 2010!


In any case, I’m very interested in making GemStone available to other languages/platforms. I’ve started GciForJavaScript <https://github.com/jgfoster/GciForJavaScript>  and GciForPython <https://github.com/jgfoster/GciForPython>  and am currently introducing students to C#, but there is never enough time to do all I want!


What sort of things do you want to do? Are you hoping for full transparent object replication (like GBS-VA or GBS-VW)? Or just the ability to login and send messages and get back basic things like strings and numbers?



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Hi there,

I'm also interested in in this area. Please let me know if any work has been

We can now only access gemstone objects through the given C dll library
which makes it difficult to manage remote objects.

Hope I can hear some good news.



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