[GemStone-Smalltalk] Start-up GemStone and Connect to Topaz then Jade

Greg Spehar spehargreg at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 16:41:27 PDT 2023

GemStone Folks,

New to the list here. It is a newbie question and something simple that I must have forgot. I was an employee some years ago (20 years), I am interested in using GemStone Smalltalk… again.

Long and Short - I am unable to get topaz to login.

1) Downloaded 3.6.5 (64bit GemStone for Mac)
2) Restarted with the updated paging as recommended at 8GB
3) Ran the Installation as root accepted all of the base items
4) Updated my path
5) I am CST, so I have updated the TimeZone config in Upgrade but not sure if I need to restart or move it someplace.
6) Ran topaz and I get this failure upon login

GemStone: Error         Fatal
Error Category: 231169 [GemStone] Number: 4042 NetLDI service 'gs64ldi' on node '::1' port 50377, not found, connect(4,,port=50377) failed with errno=22,EINVAL, Invalid argument (programmer error) Arg Count: 0 Context : 20 exception : 20

Hoping to prove I can login to Topaz to ensure my stone is working.
I have loaded Fusion with Windows 10 64 and I have installed Jade. 
But I am not able to connect to the Stone (I am thinking it is this issue with Topaz not able to login).
I have tried with Netldi running and then not running.

Any help would be appreciated! (Again, I walked through the Installation Guide 3.6.2 and am stuck here…)

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