[Glass] [] WAGemStoneRunSmalltalkServer

Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 7 11:35:46 PDT 2013


I have some trouble usinf ZINC on Gemstone

Here is my Zinc script.
If I execute these two lines. My server doe not respond on:

WAGemStoneRunSmalltalkServer addServerOfClass: ZnServer withName: 
'myServer' on: #(8080).
(WAGemStoneRunSmalltalkServer serverNamed: 'myServer') start.

If I stop and remove the server with these two lines, it is gone:

WAGemStoneRunSmalltalkServer stopAllGems.
WAGemStoneRunSmalltalkServer removeServer: 'myServer'

If I execute the first two lines again I get a
"VM temporary object memory is full, old space overflow" - Error.

My session to Gemstone is invalid afterwards.

Does anybody else have those problems, or does anybody know what might 
be wrong?


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