[Glass] a InternalError occurred (error 2261), The object with object ID 20 is corrupt. Reason: 'process switch not in critial state'

Lisa Almarode lisa.almarode at gemtalksystems.com
Sat Aug 17 11:26:03 PDT 2013

While you can skip upgradeImage if there are no image-level changes, in
general, you should always run upgradeImage.  It's definitely needed for
the and upgrades, but and the upcoming
are probably okay without.

If the particular image-level changes aren't relevant for your
application, you can take the chance - but it makes support folks worry
when executables and image are at different versions...

Lisa Almarode
GemTalk Technical Support

On 8/17/2013 10:49 AM, John McIntosh wrote:
> Ok, to answer James' question this is a production system, however it
> failed at step 27 of my migration plan, so I just reverted back to the
> 3.1.0 setup. I had read the upgrade chapter in the
> http://downloads.gemtalksystems.com/docs/GemStone64/3.0.x/GS64-InstallGuide-Linux-3.0.1.pdf
> but in reading the 3.1.0, to <> notes
> it was 'unclear' you needed to do the upgradeImage step between minor
> point releases. Actually a friend of mine who does gemstone work didn't
> think the migration from 3.1.0.x to 3.1.0.y needed anything special...
> He may owe me a latte this week. 
> I'm not sure here if doing the upgradeImage is needed? If someone could
> clarify that would be great. 
> Now if the issue is that does have problems with  'process
> switch not in critical state'  and are *mostly*? fixed in I
> might wait a bit longer, the problem is the seaside gems die over time
> depending on load resulting in no gems to service the webserver. So not
> anything I want to toss into production yet. 

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