[Glass] Jade update 18-Dec-2013

James Foster james.foster at gemtalksystems.com
Wed Dec 18 21:44:08 PST 2013

http://seaside.gemtalksystems.com/jade/ contains a link to the Microsoft Windows IDE dated 18-Dec-13 with the following fixes:

	* context menu (right-click) in method in System Browser has browse senders/implementers back (Marten); and
	* compile errors properly recognized in 2.3.x (Gerhard).

Other items reported:

	* problems under Wine (noted, but might be a Dolphin issue);
	* #’compileMissingAccessingMethods’ on class side (should be easy to fix);
	* select a class, create a new category -> can't add a new method without deselect and select the category again (I’ll investigate);
	* removing a newly created category sometimes fails if you don't commit (I’ll investigate);
	* version history of methods (good idea);
	* use code editing from System Browser in Method List Browser (I’ve been meaning to do this!); and
	* code execution on the class side in the code browser (I’ll investigate).

Thanks for the problem reports and suggestions. I appreciate the feedback.


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