[Glass] Problem starting GemStone from OSX app

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 11:15:48 PDT 2013

Hi. I was trying James GemStone.app and I have an error while trying to
start GemStone:

The error seems trying to start the share page cache monitor. I did
authenticated and included my password in the Helper Tool in the

I attach both logs. I think they key part is this one:
*|   GemStone could not retrieve the IPC identifier associated with the
memory |*
*|   key 973350908.  shmget() error = errno=12,ENOMEM, Not enough core
(memory |*
*| exhausted, or user quota exceeded).
*file not found:
 GemStone could not attach to the shared page cache.*
*  [SpcMon trace]: ... cache creation failed ...*

BTW, my system.conf has this line (in case it helps):


I tried decreasing this number but when I start from the app it seems it
automatically set back the that number. In addition, from the UI I CANNOT
change the 128 (it is grayed out).

Executing this in a terminak: "sysctl -A | grep shm" gives me

kern.sysv.shmmax: 147587072
kern.sysv.shmmin: 1

So...just in case, I tried:

sudo sysctl -w kern.sysv.shmmax=1073741824

But still, same problem.

Finally, I don't know why gemstone pcmon log shows:

 RUNNING ON: 2-CPU MacBook-Pro-de-Mariano.local x86_64 (Darwin 12.5.0 )
| MacBookPro5,1 2048MB

while my machine has 8GB of RAM....

Thanks for any help,

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