[Glass] and Seaside 3.1

Jupiter Jones jupiter.jones at mail.com
Thu Sep 26 16:20:57 PDT 2013

Hi All,

With James' release of the sexy GS for Mac, I'm overenthusiastic and making an attempt to get Seaside 3.1 and JQueryWidgetBox running in GS3.1.0.4 and here's the story… :)

I opted (wisely or not) to load the bleedingEdge and the first issue was Esteban's addition of 'Seaside-Adaptor' for Pharo, but as he states in the comment "(not tested outside Pharo)"… fairy nuff.

So I added the group to GemStone:

group: 'Seaside-Adaptor' with: #('FastCGI' 'Seaside-GemStone-Adaptors-Zinc')

I'm sure I don't need the Zinc adaptor (since I'm running OSXServer with FastCGI so will just be using it locally), but loaded it all the same… call me crazy.

Loaded like a bought one.

I then went to load version 2.8 of JQueryWidgetBox and found that the Seaside load didn't include JQuery or JQueryUI, and when JQWB attempted to load it there was a not found for "Zinc-HTTP":

spec import: 'Zinc'.
spec baseline: 'Zinc' with: [
			versionString: 'baseline';
			repository: 'github://glassdb/zinc:gemstone3.1/repository' ].

Before I go too much further, am I chasing my own tail with Seaside 3.1 in GS3.1.0.4 at this stage?

Kind Regards,


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