[Glass] Basic questions regarding GemBuilder for Smalltalk, GemTools, and tODE

Martin McClure martin.mcclure at gemtalksystems.com
Mon Sep 30 14:03:26 PDT 2013

On 09/30/2013 01:48 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I am evaluating GemStone for a client and I want to give it a try. I
> have a very high level idea of GemStone but I never use it for real. The
> application I may need to run in GemStone is a Seaside app 3.0 + Magritte3. 
> Something that confuses me a lot if all these pieces that seem somehow
> related: GemBuilder for Smalltalk, GemTools, and tODE. And I have a few
> questions related to these. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. 

Hi Mariano,

I'm glad you're wanting to try out GemStone/S!

Some short answers, for now:

The thing that GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS), GemTools, tODE, and Topaz
all have in common is that they are all development environments for
developing GemStone code. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

GBS *also* allows the creation of distributed client/server Smalltalk
applications, with the client being VW or VA Smalltalk and the server
being GemStone Smalltalk. Its development tools are slanted towards that
task, though they also work for developing and debugging standalone
GemStone applications.

If you're developing a Seaside app that will run in GemStone/S, you can
use whichever development environment seems best for the task at hand --
tODE, GemTools, or Topaz.

I know I didn't get *all* of your questions answered, but I hope that
this helps you navigate the landscape.



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