[Glass] Develop Gemstone web server app in VW but deploy in Pharo?

FrankB kontakt at pressburgservices.com
Fri Apr 25 11:17:49 PDT 2014

>Yes, but you can deploy full on gemstone, you do not need pharo there. 

Please keep in mind that I have only little and only theoretical knowledge
of Gemstone from various hours reading the manuals but NO practical
experience as of yet.

Thus my assumptions may well be wrong:

The application will not only work with Gemstone but there will be a few
other parts and interfaces and I assume that they are not supported by

For example, the application will need access to a MariaDB and underlying
Sphinx inverted lists, which will hold data that "comes in" from users over
the Internet. This part of the server will be rather simple and my VW5 will
do fine and I have no royalties to pay 

Beyond this the development MUST remain in VW (ideally in 5 but that is not
supported by Gemstone, thus a port to VW7 is relatively easy). There are so
many tools the I MUST continue top use and this application is part of a
little family, which will mostly remain in VW5.

Another extremely important factor is access via a COM-Interface to MS and
Adobe software. I don't think that this is supported by Gemstone but maybe I
am wrong.

>GemStone is not only the "DB" as you would think in other OO DB approaches
like Magma or whatever. GemStone is the DB but also the Smalltalk
language/VM at the same time. 

Well, in principle I am aware of this but again, porting all my tools to
Gemstone would cost certainly more time than I would have and then I would
have two separate environments. I cannot and will not give up my VW5
software for another couple of years.

So, from my today's point of view and knowledge, I do not think that this is
a viable alternative. But I will keep this in mind when playing with

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