[Glass] Develop Gemstone web server app in VW but deploy in Pharo?

FrankB kontakt at pressburgservices.com
Fri Apr 25 11:49:52 PDT 2014

Hello, Dale,

Thank you very much for your comments. Please keep in mind that I'm an
absolute novice to Gemstone as I wrote in my previous post:

>VW compatibility layer

I really don't think that this will be a major problem. Over the years the
basic VisualWorks library has been substantially enhanced by our own code
and I assume that today more than 70% of my code in the various base classes
(Collections, Strring etc) has been added by myself and my previous staff. 

I do not intend to use Seaside for many reasons: I don't believe in its
principles (I know that my opinion is the exception, but nevertheless) and
it is far too slow anyway as this is an application that has the potential
for a very large number of users and I would never risk to run into the
performance problems that Seaside must have from its nature and that we have
encountered previously when playing with it. 

The browser front end will be heavily JavaScript based and run inside EXT JS
(Sencha). I have experience with it and this is the way to go! 

As far as the RDBMS part is concerned, this will only play a role in so far
as the source data will mostly come from an RBMS, which is fed by end-users
primarily but not only over the Internet (also on local VW5-based
installations, which upload their data to the server). 

The data structures, which are supposed to be created and stored by the
Gemstone application, are extremely complex and ideally suitable for
Gemstone (when we developed this software for the first time several years
ago your pricing was just out of our reach, otherwise we would have used
Gemstone from the very beginning).

Most of these data structures will have to be exported into some other
format at the end of the day. Beyond HTML and other formats, this includes
proprietary data formats native to well-known MS Office Microsoft and Adobe
(InDesign) products.

This raises another question: Is there a COM-interface available in
Gemstone, which would be needed to export the generated data structures in
many cases (though not in all) to Microsoft and Adobe software? We have all
this in VW5 available.

>if you intent to use VW5 as your development platform, you will likely need
to use GBS for communicating with GemStone 

If I get you right, this implies the information that there is a way to
directly interface Gemstone from VW5? 
Is that correct?

>From what I heard and read, VW5 is no longer supported by Gemstone but you
should know better than anybody else and I would be very glad to pay you
some acceptable decent royalties if I could skip VW7altogether, because this
would enable me to continue to use my VW5 development environment and the
huge amount of tools that we have developed over the years and it would also
save us from porting this to VW7 (we have substantially modified and
enhanced the old horrible and lousy VW user interface classes to make them

Thus, I would very much appreciate some confirmation if my assumption is
correct about VW5 to Gemstone. In this case, I would contact you directly.

Best regards

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