[Glass] TODE gsDevKit problem

Dario Trussardi via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Wed Dec 10 10:30:12 PST 2014


	i have install tODE 

	installServer devKit

	and all works fine from tODE client.

	For error i do 	 tODE install		 on it.

	Now the:

	tode 1 > testLogin
		Stone            : !TCP at scandella#server!devKit
		Stone host       : scandella
		GemStone version :
		cpu kind         : x86_64
		GLASS version    : >=1.0-beta.9.2 [ConfigurationOfGLASS]
		Metacello version: >=1.0-beta.32.1 [ConfigurationOfMetacello]
      			 repository: /home/scandella/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/devKit/logs/github-cache/glassdb/glass/master/glassdb-glass-a4224c7/repository
      			 repository: /home/scandella/gsDevKitHome/gemstone/stones/devKit/logs/github-cache/dalehenrich/tode/master/dalehenrich-tode-58d5386/repository

	But the	 ls 	command 	don't answer anything and sometimes when i do tODE command the tODE client go down.

	How i can solve the error ?

	I can:		 stopStone devKit 

	and resubmit the:		   installServer devKit     	


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