[Glass] Git Bitbucket problematic

Dario Trussardi via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Fri Dec 19 07:07:16 PST 2014


	this message is not direct to gemstone problematic, 

	but anyone can help me to understand and redirect me to right reference.

	I work with Git Bitbucket repository to interchange code from Pharo to Gemstone.

	Now i have the same package  ( with the same UUID ):

	Name: ConfigurationOfDtrBase-DTR.13
	Author: DTR
	Time: 18 December 2014, 6:39:27.286829 pm
	UUID: 000ca25e-c28c-4170-9fe7-bde0855c92b0
	Ancestors: ConfigurationOfDtrBase-DTR.12

	But in Pharo ( where i use the git push command ) it report some data

	while in Gemstone ( where i update the data with git pull command ) it report other  data.

	( Into gemstone it report the right Pharo data		 with also some hold class and methods 	removed from the package in Pharo )

	How it's possible ?  The UUID  package  displayed with Monticello is same in the two environment .

	Thanks for any considerations,


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