[Glass] Seaside 3.1.1 in GemStone

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 11:45:22 PST 2014


Inside my project’s configuration I’m attempting to load Seaside 3.1.1 into GemStone 3.1.05 and it fails with this error: 


in the github-cache the metacello version info shows that the ‘version’ of Seaside-Core to be pmm.809 so I’m not sure why it can’t find it.  I’ve attached the transcript output from the load.  

In my configuration I haven’t updated or changed the spec references for Seaside in GemStone. They still point to the ConfigurationOfSeaside3 on smalltalkhub.   I only changed the version from ‘3.0.10’ to ‘3.1.1’.  Should I change it to point to the BaselineOfSeaside3?  If so what is the right way to make that change?  What else should I look at?  

Things load fine if I follow the instructions on github.com/glassdb/Seaside31 but not if Seaside only a part of the project I’m loading.  



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