[Glass] Upgrade GS 2.4 -> GS 3.1 when GLASS, Seaside etc. versions have already diverged

pieter at nagel.co.za pieter at nagel.co.za
Wed Feb 26 03:51:36 PST 2014

Something to take note of when re-working upgradeSeasideImage to take into
account newer Metacello functionality:

I started with BootstrapApplicationLoadSpecs that just loads
ConfigurationOfGLASS 1.0-beta.9 from seaside/monticello/repository (for now).

But this fails when Metacello, as part of finalizeLoad:, tries to do
"MetacelloProjectRegistry primeRegistryFromImage" and it fails with a
UserDefinedError "No #baseline pragma found", referring to
BaselineOfWonkaProjects (the package that contains all of our
application's dependencies).

BaselineOfWonkaProjects has lost its #baseline: method, since all classes
in UserGlobals had all of their methods removed by

Doing "BaselineOfWonkaProjects removeFromSystem" in the GS2 repository
before it gets converted side-steps that problem.

I attach the relevant stacktrace from upgradeTo3x.out, trimmed for brevity.

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