[Glass] adding profiling to GemStone

Otto Behrens otto at finworks.biz
Sun Jan 5 12:15:32 PST 2014

> I created a pull request[1] that fixes the problems that I ran into with this code.
> I "fixed the problem with the profiled block not returning" by putting in an ensure block ... AFAIK, when one is working with #handleFiltered:, the code that follows the block does not get executed because continuations are getting created and normal block execution does not apply ... I looked at the other filter tools and it looks like they were all using ensure blocks to perform work "after block execution" and that grick worked for WAProfilerItem>>profile too.

Thanks, Dale. I can do more with the profile now.

> I haven't done anything more with the profile, but it is tempting to port the Seaside2.8 code to Seaside3.0, since I'm in the neighborhood:)

Are you talking about glassdb/Seaside30? Is there some porting work to
be done in here? Perhaps it's worth it to go for Seaside 3.1. Let me
know where I can help.


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