[Glass] GemTools being run with default gem.conf instead of mine....

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 07:45:05 PST 2014


Following the scripts of Norbert to create other stones, I faced another
problem. I am now able to connect to it either from topaz or from GemTools.
I am running a netldi per stone.

Problem is that when I run GemTools and I connect to my stone, GemTool
thinks I am using /opt/gemstone/product/seaside/data/system.conf .... which
is NOT the case. Of course,  echo $GEMSTONE_EXE_CONF   prints


but my  stone was started correctly:

|                             Configuration Files
| System File: /Sites/XXX/gemstone/etc/system.conf              |
| Executable File: /Sites/XXX/gemstone/etc/gem.conf

and also

startstone[Info]: GemStone version ''
startstone[Info]: Starting Stone repository monitor 'LucidiaLLC'.
startstone[Info]: GEMSTONE is: '/opt/gemstone/product'.


so.....why GemTools is using the default one? I guess it simply takes the
value of the variable  $GEMSTONE_EXE_CONF?  If this is the case, then it
means I need to use same system.conf for GemTools for all my stones??? Is
this correct?


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