[Glass] upgrade seaside image when requiring MetacelloPreview?

Johan Brichau johan at yesplan.be
Sat Jan 11 10:51:41 PST 2014


I started realizing that the use of the #repositoryOverrides: in the upgrade script provides me with the opportunity to fix to the right ConfigurationOfXXX versions when reloading the code.
So… got that fixed but then hit another problem: the loading of BaselineOfZinc failed. 
It seems BaselineOfXX are not unloaded by the upgrade script. Or maybe the problem is that the upgrade does not have the right github-cache anymore?
In any case, right before starting the image upgrade, I removed BaselineOfZinc and its github repository manually. 

In the end, everything was loading well and it seems all is OK.

So far so good for this project ;-)
Now: on to a 2.4 -> 3.1 migration for Yesplan *shrug* ;-)


On 11 Jan 2014, at 17:40, Johan Brichau <johan at yesplan.be> wrote:

> Hi Dale,
> If one needs the MetacelloPreview to load the application, the upgradeSeasideImage script does not seem to work.
> Because I need to prohibit an upgrade to #stable Seaside (and others), I am using the MetacelloPreview scripting API to load our project.
> But when I need to pass the list of configurations to load to the upgrade script, it is using plain Metacello.
> I am now trying to perform the loading of the application itself using MetacelloPreview only -after- executing the upgrade script.
> Taking a look at the upgrade script, I don’t think it does anything else after the loading of the configurations that I would need.
> Does that sound ok?
> In this case, it concerns an upgrade from to but I will be trying the 2.4 to 3.1 upgrade soon too.
> best,
> Johan

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