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First I just want to clarify. since you don't mention your backup schedule,
I just want to be complete:)

You say that you are deleting tranlogs every 3 days and I am curious how
often you do a backup ... At a minimum you need to keep all of the tranlogs
created since a backup plus a fudge factor of tranlogs prior to backup
(there's a call to find out exactly which tranlogs are needed ... I can
supply this if you aren't already doing so) ...

The tranlogs record information about what is going in your system, so
there is no "global normal" for tranlog size ... If you see a change in the
number/size of tranlogs created during a standard period of time, then I
would expect that something "abnormal" has gone on in your system where you
are performing more transactions and/or recording larger amounts of data as
persistent ...

The "abnormality" could be increased traffic and related to that or the
"abnormality" could be related to the object log and continuations ...
continuations can reference large hunks of "normally non-persistent
objects" and that would lead to abnormally large tranlogs ...

Along with larger tranlog sizes, I would also expect to see a growth in
your extent size ... depending upon whether or not you ar running  epoch gc
and the grequency of your MFC runs ...


On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 11:51 AM, <leo at smalltalking.net> wrote:

> hi all!
> I'm finally have a really nice cleanup script and backup running in
> crontab for maintenance.
> The scripts run ok for weeks but now I appreciated that the tranlog
> generation is too fast for the cleanup script,
> for example my script delete all tranlog files older than 3 days but I
> have a 16GB disk for tranlog files only and only
> in half day already in 50% used!
> Obviusly I can change the script to be more accurated but is normal this
> bitrate generation for tranlogs?
> thnks in advance
> Leo
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