[Glass] migrate problem

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Thu Jan 16 07:25:05 PST 2014

I have one class hierarchy that has between 40 and 50 Mio. instances. Now I needed to add an instVar to the root of the hierarchy. Doing it with gemtools I switched off auto migration and loaded the monticello package containing the changed. But now I have problems migrating the instances manually.

COEvent allSubclasses  size

gives 5 while

COEvent classHistory first allSubclasses size

gives 23. A

COEvent classHistory first migrateTo: COEvent

didn’t do the trick. And 

COEvent migrate 

gives me

a MessageNotUnderstood occurred (error 2010), a Metaclass3 does not understand  #’migrationDestination'

I’m using

GemStone version ‚'

Any hints,

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