[Glass] GS Fatal Internal Error, 5015, 15621, IO Error (RepRead Error)

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Tue Jul 8 08:10:08 PDT 2014


Recommendations from engineering:

You need to write tranlogs to actual file system if we are to
have tranlogs to debug.  Suggest reducing to
if performance with STN_TRAN_LOG_DEBUG_LEVEL=3;
is a problem.
For production we recommend
Suggest tranlogs written to separate file system from extents
to reduce performance impact of writing them.

You should probably start thinking of upgrading to or 3.2.1 there
are no specific bugfixes for the issue you are seeing, but when hitting
bugs, it is always prudent  to be running with the latest version.


On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 6:14 AM, <pieter at nagel.co.za> wrote:

> > Pieter,
> >
> > start with a fresh extent0.seaside.dbf and
> > before starting stone , add
> > to the stone config file .
> > Then after repository gets corrupted, run pageaudit and
> > if errors are similar , send us the extent and the tranlogs
> > for analysis (if possible).  Otherwise we will want you to
> > run some tranlog searches for us ...
> Will do.
> But note that we are using /dev/null as STN_TRAN_LOG_DIRECTORIES, so there
> will not be any tranlogs for us to send/search through. I sometimes wonder
> if using /dev/null in itself may be behind this bug?
> Do you recommend taking pains that STN_TRAN_LOG_DEBUG_LEVEL is *not* set
> on production repositories?
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