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Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 11:27:40 PDT 2014

FWIW I think people would benefit from a play-by-play development example
screencast where you, using git and tODE, implement a feature and commit it
to the repo.  Start from a fresh extent and load everything up then
implement ... oh I don't know ...  maybe  ...  tab completion?  ;)  Whatever
feature you choose people could see the goal state of being proficient in
tODE and using git as a source code management tool.  

If you talk through everything people will learn a bit and you can get the
video transcribed for cheap. So you can get a post out of it too.  

Dale Henrichs-3 wrote
> I just finished off the last of the "must have" bugs for tODE[1] ...
> finally.
> I still need to build a set of tODE one-clicks and review the validity of
> the "Getting Started with tODE"[2] doc and then I will be happy to have a
> few more folks take tODE for spin.
> I'm also taking tomorrow off, so I won't officially ask for users until
> Thursday and if you jump the gun you will be on your own:) So please wait
> until I give the word.
> With the last of the "must have" bugs nailed, I am satisfied that I have
> "full functionality" in tODE, but about half of the roughly 100 command
> remain to be re-written and re-documented. So if you decide to become an
> early user, you should be aware that changes are still being made to the
> system ... and additional documentation really needs to be written.
> If you are already familiar with git and familiar with GLASS using
> GemTools, then you are a prime candidate for taking tODE for a spin.
> I've got quite a bit of git support built into the system and I will be
> interested in folks experience ... as I said, I have "functionality" but
> some things may be lacking polish ... I had to trade polish for pushing
> tODE out the door sooner rather than much later.
> If you are currently experiencing pain with remote debugging over the WAN,
> then tODE should ease your pain and you should plan on trying out tODE
> sooner rather than later.
> If you are a Windows user, you should probably wait a bit longer ...
> because of keymapping issues, I personally use a Pharo1.4-based tODE on
> Linux and a Pharo2.0-based tODE on the Mac. I am targeting Pharo3.0 for
> windows users, but the keymapping issues may make it difficult to use ...
> I
> need to do some more experiments with Pharo3.0 and Windows immediately
> after I release for the Mac and Linux users.
> If you've got the free time and are already a GLASS user, then you should
> also consider taking tODE for a spin.
> If you are not familiar with GLASS at all, you should wait a bit longer as
> I will be rolling out better support and documentation for using  GLASS
> and
> tODE as the summer progresses ...
> I know that a number of you are in the middle of development projects and
> you probably should hold off trying tODE until the first round of folks
> have bloodied themselves:)
> I've been using tODE exclusively for a year and a half, so the things I do
> all of the time work just fine ... that may not be the case for other
> folks
> and I'd like to minimize the number of folks banging into infant mortality
> issues ...
> I know that I've been saying that tODE would be available "any day now"
> for
> nearly 9 months and GemTools has deserved to be replaced for even longer
> so
> I decided to pre-announce as soon as I finished the last "must have"
> bug:).
> I know that folks cannot just drop what they are doing and go try tODE, so
> I want folks to start thinking about whether they are willing to be early
> adopters and if so start thinking about when it would fit in their
> schedules.
> Wait for my to say "GO" and remember that I won't be available tomorrow
> for
> questions...
> Dale
> [1] https://github.com/dalehenrich/tode/issues?labels=must+have&state=open
> [2]
> https://github.com/glassdb/webEditionHome/blob/master/docs/install/gettingStartedWithTode.md#getting-started-with-tode
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