[Glass] tODE is almost ready

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Tue Jul 8 16:05:55 PDT 2014

I just finished off the last of the "must have" bugs for tODE[1] ...

I still need to build a set of tODE one-clicks and review the validity of
the "Getting Started with tODE"[2] doc and then I will be happy to have a
few more folks take tODE for spin.

I'm also taking tomorrow off, so I won't officially ask for users until
Thursday and if you jump the gun you will be on your own:) So please wait
until I give the word.

With the last of the "must have" bugs nailed, I am satisfied that I have
"full functionality" in tODE, but about half of the roughly 100 command
remain to be re-written and re-documented. So if you decide to become an
early user, you should be aware that changes are still being made to the
system ... and additional documentation really needs to be written.

If you are already familiar with git and familiar with GLASS using
GemTools, then you are a prime candidate for taking tODE for a spin.

I've got quite a bit of git support built into the system and I will be
interested in folks experience ... as I said, I have "functionality" but
some things may be lacking polish ... I had to trade polish for pushing
tODE out the door sooner rather than much later.

If you are currently experiencing pain with remote debugging over the WAN,
then tODE should ease your pain and you should plan on trying out tODE
sooner rather than later.

If you are a Windows user, you should probably wait a bit longer ...
because of keymapping issues, I personally use a Pharo1.4-based tODE on
Linux and a Pharo2.0-based tODE on the Mac. I am targeting Pharo3.0 for
windows users, but the keymapping issues may make it difficult to use ... I
need to do some more experiments with Pharo3.0 and Windows immediately
after I release for the Mac and Linux users.

If you've got the free time and are already a GLASS user, then you should
also consider taking tODE for a spin.

If you are not familiar with GLASS at all, you should wait a bit longer as
I will be rolling out better support and documentation for using  GLASS and
tODE as the summer progresses ...

I know that a number of you are in the middle of development projects and
you probably should hold off trying tODE until the first round of folks
have bloodied themselves:)

I've been using tODE exclusively for a year and a half, so the things I do
all of the time work just fine ... that may not be the case for other folks
and I'd like to minimize the number of folks banging into infant mortality
issues ...

I know that I've been saying that tODE would be available "any day now" for
nearly 9 months and GemTools has deserved to be replaced for even longer so
I decided to pre-announce as soon as I finished the last "must have" bug:).

I know that folks cannot just drop what they are doing and go try tODE, so
I want folks to start thinking about whether they are willing to be early
adopters and if so start thinking about when it would fit in their

Wait for my to say "GO" and remember that I won't be available tomorrow for


[1] https://github.com/dalehenrich/tode/issues?labels=must+have&state=open
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