[Glass] Getting started with REST

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Thu Mar 20 08:19:07 PDT 2014

Zinc_REST is a pretty stable stuff and I've found only two problems yet
under Gemstone:

* 10 MByte Socket problem - this is a limitation within Gemstone and the
reading service method within Zinc should consider this ...

* Zinc under Gemstone does not consider some GsSocket exceptions, which
under some circumstances crashes the server ...

Over all it does its work.

Just some comments why I did not use Seaside-REST:

I'm not considering using Seaside (application development) under
Gemstone, because I do not want to put too much work on the database -
considering the free version limitations.

Testing and documentation is done by using swagger - as mentioned on my

On the GUI side I'm now switching to Javascript and leave Seaside (which
I used to use under VASmalltalk).


Am 20.03.2014 08:44, schrieb Johan Brichau:

> In both cases, I am interested to get feedback on problems so I can improve the ported implementations.

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