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My first reading of this was that the problem was the typical GEM_TEMPOBJ_CACHE_SIZE problem, but as Martin McClure points out the stack is in Dolphin, not in GemStone. 

Are you running Jade.exe or are you running in the Dolphin development environment? When this happens, what does the Task Manager show as the memory usage for the process (on the Processes tab)? What does the Task Manager show as the memory usage (Performance tab)? How much RAM on your machine? From my reading it appears that each process has 4 GB of virtual address space. How much virtual memory does your Windows machine have (see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-virtual-memory-size#1TC=windows-7)?


On Mar 25, 2014, at 3:41 AM, itlists at schrievkrom.de wrote:

> As I posted before - I often get this error if I file-in a large source
> code from a Jade Workspace and I get this error message (and perhaps
> this is an error message due to Dolphin  and not due to Gemstone VM ?)?
> I do get this error, even if I clode my Jade main window and "Login" again.
> I do NOT get this error, if I do this large file-in as a first working
> step after starting Jade and Login.
> Marten
> The ouput below is printing in a dark window ...
> an OutOfMemoryError('Für diesen Vorgang ist nicht genügend Speicher
> verfügbar. (16rE: Für diesen Vorgang ist nicht genügend Speicher
> verfügbar.)')
> ProcessorScheduler>>noMemory:
> [] in ProcessorScheduler>>vmi:list:no:with:
> BlockClosure>>ifCurtailed:
> ProcessorScheduler>>vmi:list:no:with:
> SmallInteger(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand:
> SmallInteger(Behavior)>>new:max:
> Process class>>new
> Process class>>forContext:priority:
> BlockClosure>>newProcess
> BlockClosure>>fork
> GciSession>>withExplanation:doA:
> GciSession>>withExplanation:do:
> GciSession>>executeString:fromContext:
> GciSession>>executeString:
> [] in
> JadeTranscript(JadeTextDocument)>>defineMethod:inClassNamed:inPackageNamed:inCategory:
> ExceptionHandler(ExceptionHandlerAbstract)>>markAndTry
> [] in ExceptionHandler(ExceptionHandlerAbstract)>>try:
> BlockClosure>>ifCurtailed:
> BlockClosure>>ensure:
> ExceptionHandler(ExceptionHandlerAbstract)>>try:
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> Marten Feldtmann
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