[Glass] OutOfMemoryError ...

itlists at schrievkrom.de itlists at schrievkrom.de
Tue Mar 25 12:10:27 PDT 2014

It happens both in the Development IDE and in the standalone tool.

Memory use is very low - 53 to 75 MByte RAM.  The system has 16GByte and
it's Windows 7/64.


Am 25.03.2014 19:32, schrieb James Foster:
> Marten,
> My first reading of this was that the problem was the
> typical GEM_TEMPOBJ_CACHE_SIZE problem, but as Martin McClure points out
> the stack is in Dolphin, not in GemStone. 
> Are you running Jade.exe or are you running in the Dolphin development
> environment? When this happens, what does the Task Manager show as the
> memory usage for the process (on the Processes tab)? What does the Task
> Manager show as the memory usage (Performance tab)? How much RAM on your
> machine? From my reading it appears that each process has 4 GB of
> virtual address space. How much virtual memory does your Windows machine
> have
> (see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-virtual-memory-size#1TC=windows-7)?

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