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> I would like to do the following:
> [ :a :b :c | a + b + c ]
> How can I compile a string like "[ :a :b :c | a + b + c ]" in Gemstone
> as a compiled method and store it in the database.

The following will produce a compiled method (GsNMethod instance):

   '[:a :b :c | a + b + c]' _compileInContext: nil symbolList: SymbolList
new oldLitVars: nil environmentId: 0

and the following will produce an ExecBlock:

  ('[:a :b :c | a + b + c]' _compileInContext: nil symbolList: nil
oldLitVars: nil environmentId: 0)
    _executeInContext: nil

If you look at the args to _compileInContext:... you will see that no
context, global varas or external variables are declared, so you'll get a
compile error if there are any out of block scope references.

I would like to make sure, that the block closure is closed (only block
> arguments are references).

As Mariano mentions, #isSimple can be sent to a BlockClosure and if it
returns true, then the block has no external references and is closed.

> A hint, where I could look at ?
> Marten
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