[Glass] Awfully slow GRUtf8CodecStream

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> Another reason of the slowness in gemstone is that I don't have native
> code enabled in the seaside gems. I would like to do so, but then I cannot
> remote debug anymore.

With the and 3.2.2 (the two versions that I've tested with), you
CAN do remote debugging without diabling native code ...

I know the  startSeaside30_Adaptor script has some code that doesn't enable
the Breakpoint exception unless native code is enabled, but that is no
longer correct (and it looks like I won't be able to fix that before 3.2.3
gets released either as the release is imminent)...

There are still some issues in 3.2.2 (and earlier) with proceeding from
remote Breakpoints, but the error handling and other facilities work quite
fine with Native code enabled .. the vms have been updated so that native
code is automatically disabled when a breakpoint is hit, but new processes
will be created in native mode ...

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