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> Hi folks,
> The GemStone Programming Guide says about indexes:
> "After creating indexes on a collection, be sure to remove these indexes
> before dereferencing the collection. Otherwise, the index will remain and
> prevent the collection and indexing structures from being garbage
> collected."
> Is this still being true? Or latest GemStone do this automatically?

This is still true ... we are considering doing something about this in
3.3, but nothing firm yet...

> Also.... say I have 'collection1' which is a RcIdentityBug with the "old"
> list of my objects. And now I have 'collection2' which is another
> RcIdentityBad with the "new" list. Is there an automatic way to get the
> indexes from 'collection1' and apply them to 'collection2'?

If you are using 3.2, the answer would be "yes, use the following":

   indexSpec := collection1  indexSpec.
   indexSpec createIndexesOn: collection2.

Prior to 3.2 it's not very convenient ... the closest you can get is by
using the messages:


to get the raw information from a collection and then fabricating the
appropriate index creation message ...

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