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> Hi!
> I am currently porting Sebastian Sastre's Flow-Stack (
> https://github.com/flow-stack/flow) to Gemstone.
> One part I am yet missing is the support for ZincWebsockets. I was able to
> get the Websocket Echo example working, but only due to a no more
> reproduceable loading of different CryproGraphy, Grease and Squeak-core
> packages and versions.
> Did anybody already use ZincWebsockets in Gemstone? If so, in which
> version? Which prereqs?

I don't think that ZincWebSockets has been used in GemStone. Currently Zinc
2.4.3 is ported to GemStone, so you will want to base your work on the
packages up on those packages up on GitHub[1]. If you give me a PR with
your changes, I'll monkey around with travis and make sure that the web
socket code gets tested moving forward ...

You mention CryproGraphy (which I'm not familiar with) and I'm curious what
you needed from that project?

Other than that for the BaselineOfZincHTTPComponents up on github
(gs_master branch) has the proper prereqs for Zinc itself...

Alternatively you can provide me with your new packages and with your help,
I can get the websocket stuff integrated into the Zinc repo ...

[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/zinc

> What and where are the currently used Grease and Squeak-compatibillity
> packages used in Gemstone Home edition

The base glass packages are found in the glassdb repository up on github on
the master branch.

There is a pharo-compatibility project on gemsource
(ConfigurationOfGsPharo) and the version referenced from the latest
baseline is 0.92.

All of the Squeak packages are part of the glassdb repo ...

If you were using tODE, it would be  easy to see this structure:) ...

[2] https://github.com/glassdb/glass

>  If needed, I would like to  contribute my changes, but I want to make
> sure it will be put into the right place, givenit isn't already out
> there....

I assume that you are not that familaar with Monticello and Metacello, so
why don't we work together to figure out the ins and outs of what you've
done off list?

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