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> Hello,
> I just created a new raw Lubuntu 14.04 image to try out tODE and
> Gemstone 3.2.2.

Excellent! I think the earlier users of GsDevTalk have pretty much been
using OS X, so I appreciate getting feedback about how the scripts function
for Linux users.

Technically, Ubuntu 14.04 is not yet supported[1], but we don't think that
there should be any reason that GemStone 3.2.2 shouldn't run on 14.04...


> I followed the documentation available at github regarding the
> Development Kit Server Installation. Here are some remarks:
> "2. Install Gemstone/S and Pharo ..."
> If one reads the text more closely it should be clear, that executing
> the script mentioned in this paragraph also downloads the corresponding
> Gemstone stuff from their server.

Yes, the GemStone product download scripts also update the pharo client
code with the appropriate gci libraries, so it is important that a product
download occur.

I actually did a download of the setup
> script (known from earlier versions) and started it - that is not needed
> any more.

I'm not sure what you are telling me here? Did you skip any steps or are
you saying it should be possible to skip steps ...

> When this scripts finishes the tode client image should be opened. Well
> this is not happening here. Have not found the actual reason here - I
> noticed a message, that libpam.so.0 can not be found.

I'm not sure it is related, but  I do realize that I have neglected the
fact that for the pharo client to run correctly on Ubuntu 12.04, a subset
of the 32 bit libraries do need to be installed ... the 64bit libpam
library is also needed and I am not sure whether or not libpam is installed
by default or not ... I will probably end up installing the necessary
libraries as part of the script...

I would appreciate some context from the logs for the error, so I can
determine if I have addressed the problem that you've seen ...

> Then I started the client manually and I got the message (via the test
> login), that 'libgcirpc-3.2.2-32' can not be found.

For this I would like to see the full results of the testLogin command, the
contents or the info.ston for the stone that you are trying to connect to
($GS_HOME/gemstone/stones/<your stone name>/info.ston and the results of
 `ls $GS_HOME/pharo/pharo-vm`.

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