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Am 08.09.2014 um 22:27 schrieb Dale Henrichs:

> Is the requirement for 32 bit libraries a deal breaker and if so, how
> many folks can't use gSdevKit if it requires 32 bit libraries?
> Dale

 Not really, if it is a must, then it has to be installed - point.

 But to be honest:

 -> there are cases where adding the 32 bit subsystem is creating
additional library problems. I've run into these problems several times
in the past - even with my VASTServers. I had to include 32-bit
libraries with my VASTServer application, because doing the equivalent
32bit library os-based-installation broke some of the 64 bit libraries
(and yes i know: that should never happen). If these problems happen,
then you are really pissed off - and you get the views from people like:
"hey programmer, use the right tools and not your 'I do all my stuff in
..' IDE.

 -> using Pharo as a scripting language ... well that's a suboptimal
approach. When one wants to have scripting language then use a real
scripting language. Perhaps its better to install Ruby or stuff like
this - pretty good development languages and very well suited to
scripting and easy to install and some kind of mainstream. This has
nothing to do with Smalltalk itself: I would also not use C# or Java for
such a scripting approach.

 -> I suppose that Pharo might run in a true-headless server computer or
do you need to install additional libraries to make this happen. In the
past the so called true-headless mode was not such a true headless-mde.

Regarding where DevKit should be placed ... well it was not clear for
me, that the SDK now is also the place for the database and their
extents. Its ok, but that should be mentioned - perhaps due to
partitions size considerations. Actually I would make a strong line
between the product and database Gemstone and the SDK - and this should
be made visible also in the installation locations.


Marten Feldtmann

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