[Glass] gsDevKit and Ubuntu 14.04 server

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Wed Sep 24 05:52:42 PDT 2014

Ok, today I tried another attempt to test the installation on a complete
fresh Ubuntu 14.04.1 server installation.

I've now got a step-by-step how to install GemStone/S - without
any warnings or errors.

The problem after that is, that the stone is not starting ... :-) Seems
to be a wrong configuration value.

The problem is the shrpcmonitor process is dying:

Gemstone could not retrieve the IPC identifier associated with the
memory key ... shmget() error = error=22,EINVAL, Invalid argument.

I noticed the information in its log file that "this is likely because
the cache size ...", but I have to look what this now means ...

" Cache size" means ?

SharedPageCache Monitor Summary:

Number of pages: 31250

The whole system is a virtual machine with 4 GB RAM defined and 2 cores.

Just to let you know ...


Marten Feldtmann

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