[Glass] Grrrr cannot migrate (class rename with subclasses and with a name of a deleted class)

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Fri Aug 28 11:30:13 PDT 2015

On Fri, Aug 28, 2015 at 3:22 PM, Dale Henrichs via Glass <
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> On 8/26/15 11:44 PM, Otto Behrens via Glass wrote:
>> This may help you when using changeNameTo:, so, this is what we do
>> every time after loading code with Metacello:
>> | gofer |
>> gofer := Gofer it.
>> gofer disablePackageCache.
>> gofer repository: self localWonkaCodeRepository.
>> allPackageNames doWithIndex: [ :packageName :index |
>>    (MCWorkingCopy registry values anySatisfy: [ :workingCopy |
>> workingCopy package name asSymbol == packageName asSymbol ])
>>      ifTrue: [ gofer package: packageName ] ].
>> gofer load
>> Where allPackageNames is:
>> ((MetacelloMCVersionSpecLoader on: <config class> latestVersion spec)
>> required: {aGroupName};
>> resolvePackageNames;
>> packages) values
>> Well obviously, this should not be necessary - and I understand that when
> you are in the heat of development you have no time to characterize
> problems:)
> I use Metacello all of the time in GemStone (not Pharo) and I don't find
> it necessary reload all of the packages ... but that does not mean you
> don't have good reasons for doing this:)
> I _will_ ask on of my standard questions - are you using the latest
> version of Metacello and glassdb from GitHub?
> Now that we've got this out of the way, I do know that there are certain
> sets of refactorings via Monticello loads that can cause problems for
> GLASS/GsDevKit  (moving instance variables up the hierarchy is the main
> example) ... turning

turning ON or OFF?

> autoMigration can reduce some of the problems (GsDeployer
> class>>bulkMigrate: turns off automigration) - with autoMigration turned
> off, subclass recompilation is suspended, but I guess there could be traps
> there as well ... I need to have a better set of test cases and I need to
> be aware of these problems and I need to find the time to address them:)
Can you confirm that turning OFF automigration solves the example of moving
instVars up?


> I am surprised that you have problems "everytime you load using Metacello"
> - if you are doing this in self defense then I understand, but if you are
> truly seeing issues every time, I would like to fix that pretty quickly ...
> The standard Monticello package loader used by GemStone is pretty old and
> pretty simplistic and I suppose we could invent a better loader, but I
> would need some good examples of the refactorings that cause problems so we
> can set out with a set of the hard problems in our test suite ...
> Dale
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