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Wed Jul 8 12:51:54 PDT 2015

Hi Norm,

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> Hi Paul,
> On 7/8/2015 12:11 PM, Paul DeBruicker via Glass wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I noticed that 3.2.7 is shipping with an updated openssl (1.0.2b) and
>> that openssl is prepping to release a new version Thursday 
>> (https://mta.openssl.org/pipermail/openssl-announce/2015-July/000037.html)
>> which patches a serious vulnerability.
>> It is my understanding that because of how the GemStone install scripts
>> set the PATH the version of openssl that ships with GS becomes the de
>> facto version of openssl in use on the system its installed on.  Unless
>> you manually delete the version of openssl that ships with GS.  Is that
>> correct?
> Yes that is correct.  GemStone always explicitly loads the SSL libraries 
> from $GEMSTONE/lib (64 bit or $GEMSTONE/lib32 (32 bit).

My concern is not so much which one GemStone uses but that you override the
version of the binary used by the entire rest of the system.  Right now a
user installing GemStone 3.2.6 gets openssl 1.0.2a for their entire system.
Not just the GemStone parts.   If, prior to installing GemStone, they were
using/following the security releases for their OS, would be 1.0.2.c.  

So the GemStone install scripts, when they set the PATH variable, are
overriding what the OS provides to offer a version for the whole computer
with unpatched, known vulnerabilities.  

Would it be possible to instead have the scripts test for the presence of
openssl on the server before installing the shipped version in

In that way the patched versions of openssl would be available for use
independently of the GS version.

check it on a computer with GemStone installed by running:

which openssl 

to see which openssl binary is being used and then copying that path and

/my/path/to/openssl version 

to see what version of the binary is being used by things like apache and
nginx, etc.  

That seems like dangerous and bad behavior on the part of your installer.  

>> If that is correct, is there a better way to do this so that users of GS
>> don't have to delete the version of openssl you ship with the product?
> You are free to compile a newer/different version of the SSL libs and 
> replace the ones in $GEMSTONE.  We also sometimes will do this for you 
> and release just the SSL libs.  This is why we designed our usage of SSL 
> the way we did.  It is obviously impossible to synchronize our product 
> releases with OpenSSL releases.
> We always merge the latest versions of SSL into our source code 
> repository as soon as SSL is released.  How/when we will formally 
> release this SSL release is still TBD.
>> How do others handle this?
> Good question for the community.  I'm not sure.
> -Norm
>> Thanks
>> Paul
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