[Glass] upgradeSeasideImage with GLASS1 loaded

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Wed Mar 4 13:06:20 PST 2015

Glad you've made it through ....

On 03/04/2015 12:41 PM, Johan Brichau wrote:
> Hey Dale,
>>> FSResponderRole sharedPools first name
>> I don't see where this is on the stack?
> That’s just how I got my hands on the sharedPool symboldictionary 
> because I got the same crash browsing the FSResponderRole class using 
> OB in GemTools.
> It has a nil name and I fixed that now.
> In the screenshot, you can see that that SymbolDictionary is in the 
> `each` variable, which is the receiver of #name.
>> You can try a patch where you do somehthing like the following before 
>> loading your application code:
>>   FCGIConstants classPool name: #'FCGIConstants'
>> This should patch the #name .... and hopefully get you going again…
> Yes, did that and got going again... to the finish line :)
> Thanks for the pointer to the upgrade script!!
> When I previously did this upgrade over a year ago, I just followed 
> the steps from the pdf manuals. The script really helps a lot in 
> streamlining!!
Yes, Pieter had some difficulties and I decided I needed to take a fresh 
look ... and of course the script is buried in the old WebEdition repo, 
so I need to move the docs to GsDevKitHome ...

> There’s a couple of issues I hit and needed to work around:
> - after the seaside upgrade script, gemtools login was broken and an 
> error occurred when logging in using topaz. This fixed it:
> SystemLoginNotification subscriptions remove: #MetacelloGemStonePlatform.
> SystemLoginNotification subscriptions remove: #MetacelloGemStonePlatform.
> - [1] seems to give the impression you can load GLASS1 using the 
> loadGLASS1.tpz. This is not the case for Gemstone 3.1 at least. I hit 
> a ‘ConfigurationOfGofer’ load error with that and I had to use the 
> GsUpgrader>>upgradeGLASS1 script.
> [1] 
> https://github.com/glassdb/webEditionHome/blob/master/docs/upgrade/upgradeToGemStone3.2.md#6-execute-application-load-topaz-file

Good point ... the original script pre-dated the invention of 
GsUpgrader>>upgradeGLASS, so that probably needs to be included  ... 
I've added your comments to the upgrade docs bug report[1]

Now it's just a matter of (My) time to get this information integrated ....


[1] https://github.com/GsDevKit/gsDevKitHome/issues/65
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