[Glass] Should I be worried about symbols lookup performance?

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> On 03/31/2015 10:57 AM, Mariano Martinez Peck wrote:
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>> In 3.3 we will be providing a canonicalization framework that would
>> provide support for doing your own conflict  canonicalization at which time
>> you would switch to the StringkeyValueDictionary approach...
>  That would be nice because I would like to take a similar approach with
> dates.... I have TONS of equal dates (spread in many different collections)
> that I would not care to manage them as #==  ...
>  BTW...I thought a regular Date would fit as immediate object but
> re-watching James video about immediate objects, it doesn't seem the case.
> Wouldn't it be interesting a SmallDate (if necessary) which would be
> immutable and immediate? may this be useful? most financial apps have tons
> of dates...
> Yes, SmallDate was one of the ideas that was thrown around, but then the
> canonicalization framework approach was chosen because it could handle a
> broader range of classes, including Dates ...

Ok, yeah, that makes sense!  Uffff I am eager to read a blog post written
by you about the  canonicalization framework and taking Dates as an example

Ok, very cool.

Thanks Dale.

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