[Glass] Can I use tODE in this context?

Dale Henrichs via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Mon Sep 14 15:03:30 PDT 2015


If you look in the $GS_HOME/bin/installTodeStone script you will see (at 
the end) the `installTode $stoneName` command is sent to the pharo vm 
via the command line and this ends up invoking the following tODE shell 

   script --script=installServerTode
   script --script=installServerTode2

Which themselves cause tODE commands to be loaded from the two files 
`installServerTode` and `installServerTode2` which can be found in the 
$GS_HOME/tode/sys/default/client/scripts directory (you can arrange to 
customize these installation steps by putting the modified copies in the 

The `installServerTode` performs the `installServer`  command which 
automatically loads the 4 .ws files I told you about in a previous email 
.. so you've alread done this step.

The `installServerTode2` performs the following commands:

   bu backup --safely tode.dbf   # make a backup of initial tODE install
   bu snapshot --safely tode.dbf # make a snapshot of initial tODE install
   script --script=setUpSys      # set up the in-image tODE /sys structure
   bu backup --safely home.dbf   # backup of initial tODE install with 
/sys structures in place
   bu snapshot --safely home.dbf # make a snapshot of initial tODE 
install with /sys structures in place

These guys are basically making before and after backups for the 
`setUpSys` script (which itself is found in same directory):

   # Set up /sys node structure
   mount --todeRoot sys/default /sys default
   mount --todeRoot sys/local /sys local
   mount --todeRoot sys/stones /sys stones
   # ensure that --stoneRoot directory structure is present
   /sys/default/bin/validateStoneSysNodes --files --repair
   mount --stoneRoot / /sys stone
   # Define /home and /projects based on a composition of the /sys nodes
   mount --stoneRoot homeComposition.ston / home
   mount --stoneRoot projectComposition.ston / projects

The `mount` command links a directory on disk to an object the `/` 
object structure in tODE. `--todeRoot` references the serverTodeRoot: 
field from the TDSessionDescription. The implication of the first three 
commands is that you can access $GS_HOME/tode/sys/default, 
$GS_HOME/tode/sys/local and $GS_HOME/tode/sys/stones from within the 
tODE shell using the paths: /sys/default, /sys/local, /sys/stones.

With $GS_HOME/tode/sys/default, it is possible to execute the 
$GS_HOME/tode/sys/default/bin/validateStoneSysNodes command in tODE. The 
validateStoneSysNodes  command creates a set of stone specific disk 
artifacts that are used to define the '/home' and '/project' object 
structures along with the `/sys/stone`which makes it possible to access 
the $GS_HOME/tode/sys/stones/<stone-name> directory without having to 
query the name of the running stone ... makes writing stone independent 
scripts real easy ... `/sys/default/bin/validateStoneSysNodes -h` will 
bring up the man page for this command in tODE ...

After validateStoneSysNodes is run, `/sys/stone`, `/home`and `/projects` 
are mounted. `/home` is where you can access and share scripts/objects 
and `/projects`is where the projectEntries are found for your stone (the 
project list is created based on the list of project entries found in 

`/home` is actually a composition of the disk directories 
$GS_HOME/tode/sys/default/home, $GS_HOME/tode/sys/local/home, and 
$GS_HOME/tode/sys/stone/<stone-name>/home. If you want to share a script 
with other stones you can copy it to /sys/local/home and all stones will 
see it ... By default scripts created in your home directory are created 
on disk in /sys/stone/home. If you want to see how the composition 
works/is specified, `edit /sys/stone/homeComposition` to see the 
Smalltalk code that is invoked when you access /home ...

Basically you just need to execute `script --script=setUpSys ` command 
.... BUUUUUUT you need to make a decision or two first ...

If you want to share the SAME stone directory structure between stones, 
then you will need to arrange to override the default definition of for 
the --stoneRoot option used above .... this is possible but can be a bit 
tricky and possibly error prone (as in tODE might assume things that 
wouldn't be true in your case). In addition to this sticky wicket, I 
actually think you will be happier if you arrange to use a separate 
stone directory structure for each of your stones (I worked in a shared 
environment for quite awhile and the home directory becomes crowded real 
fast). If you want to do it this way, let me know and I will do a bit 
more research and get back to you..

To create the directory structure you only need to copy the directory 
that was created when you created the initial stone using gsDevKitHome 
... was it called mariano? And you can do that by executing the 
following bash shell command for each stone (like you have a description 
file for every stone):

   cp -r $GS_HOME/tode/sys/stones/mariano 

Where <stone-name> matches the stoneName: field in your description file.

Soooooo, to hook up your stone to the directory structure, execute the 
following tODE shell script:

   script --script=installServerTode2

and you'll be ready to rumba... the script does a backup before running 
the setUpSys commands so if we run into problems in your sandbox we can 
restore from backup and try again ...

Let me know how it goes.


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