[Glass] recompiling sortBlocks - after upgrade to 3.3.0 from 3.2.4

PAUL DEBRUICKER via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Fri Feb 19 08:13:48 PST 2016


I'm having trouble getting rid of the error:

Cannot execute method, 'GsNMethod with oop 2909441 needs recompile' 

The method it is referring to is SortedCollection class>>#new

But recompiling the SortedCollection class & committing doesn't fix things so its probably the sortBlock for that instance that needs recompiled and I'm unsure how to do that safely.  

I'm also seeing the error in another method that also defines a sortBlock so I'm guessing there is a step I missed in the upgrade but I can't find it in the docs.  

How should I go about recompiling the sortBlocks? Or is there something else I should do to fix this?

Thanks in advance


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