[Glass] Cleaning up TimeZone class history

PAUL DEBRUICKER via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Sat Jul 16 16:49:44 PDT 2016

Hi -

In my stone I have ObsoleteTimeZone & ObsoleteTimeZone2 in the TimeZone class history of a stone I just updated to 3.3.1.   The DataCurator user doesn't have permissions to migrate those classes apparently.  And when I sign in as the SystemUser in linked Topaz the Smalltalk symbol is not understood.  

To do the migration I'm running:

  System abort.
  System beginTransaction.
  [ :className | 
  | c |
  c := Smalltalk at: className.
  c isBehavior
    ifTrue: [ 
      [ c classHistory size > 1 ]
        whileTrue: [ 
          (c classHistory at: 1) migrateInstancesTo: c classHistory currentVersion.
          c classHistory removeVersion: (c classHistory at: 1) ] ] ]
    value: #'TimeZone'.
  System commitTransaction



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