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	some time ago ( 10 marzo 2016  ) Dale wrote :
> Regarding risk of losing data on system restart ... you should already be keeping copies of your backup files and tranlogs on a separate system, so that if you lose a disk, you have fairly recent copies of both ... if you are concerned about losing as little data as possible, you might think about copy tranlogs to a separate machine several times a day ...

	Now i have a small server ( with disk under RAID 5 software and with UPS ) where run Gemstone 

	The UPS manage the shutdown system (  when power go down ) with the procedure:  gemstone_batchstop


# Find out where files are located
source /etc/default/gemstone   # Provide $SERVICE_DIR and $GEMSTONE_CONFIG
if [ "${GEMSTONE_CONFIG}x" = "x" ] ; then
  source $GS_HOME/gemstone/stones/$GS_STONE/defStone.env $GS_STONE

sudo /etc/init.d/topaz stop 1 > /dev/null
sudo /etc/init.d/statmon stop 1 > /dev/null
sudo /etc/init.d/gemstone stop 1 > /dev/null
sudo /etc/init.d/netldi stop 1 > /dev/null

date=`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S`
echo $backuplogdirectory
echo $date

# copia files log
mkdir ${backuplogdirectory}
mv $GEMSTONE_LOGDIR/* ${backuplogdirectory} 
# rimozione logfiles

# Success
exit 0

	When Dale wrote:  " if you are concerned about losing as little data as possible, "  

	i'm scared.

	My system is very small but if i think to complex system, i can't not losing data, not any transaction.

	I have not experienced, and maybe I worry too much, but i 'need'  a system where losing data  it is a very, very remote possibility.

	In the last year i don't have any problem on the server ( run 24x7 )  but i need to clarify the situation.

	Some experience? considerations?



> Anyway, you don't need to do a full backup right before cycling a server (it doesn't hurt to do so), but you might want to make sure that you've copied the tranlogs to your backup machine before cycling a server on the off chance that a disk fails on startup ... then you will be able to minimize the data that's lost if the system does crash ...
> If you are going to cycle a server, you might shut down the network or just shutdown the  stone useing daemontools, then copy tranlogs, then cycle the machine ... that way you won't lose any tranlog data in the case of trouble restarting ...
> Dale
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