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Within gemstone you can obviously collect the incoming data, outgoing
response and log that to a file. Beware of sync etc to ensure the file is
current upon a crash.

Another thought is generally I setup a nginx server to support the https://
SSL and then do a
fastcgi_pass seaside;
to the gemstone database.  You'd need to talk to a nginx expert or apache
guy to determine if you can log the input/output stream given to the fast
CGI interface so that you avoid having to bother with code changes in the
gemstone/smalltalk side. Might have to write a custom module.

In all this I do wonder about concurrency... But maybe sending to syslog
will work all that out for you.

On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 4:34 PM, Richard Sargent via Glass <
glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> wrote:

> A customer is considering moving their application to GemStone-based
> Seaside.
> They have a feature in their application that they would like to preserve,
> at least in spirit. Can anyone advise me on whether it's possible and
> practical, and if so what the approach would entail?
> Because their system is a "REST-like" two-tier application, they can record
> the request and response strings they use to exchange data between the
> client Seaside machine and the GemStone server. The strings are Smalltalk
> expressions, so they can be debugged interactively when there are problems
> or even to recreate specific successful scenarios.
> They have expressed no prior constraints on how it should be done, but they
> want the comparable ability to capture requests and responses, both
> successes and failures, and be able to rerun them and debug them.
> Thanks everyone!
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