[Glass] order of classvars changed after load

Johan Brichau via Glass glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com
Thu May 19 12:08:19 PDT 2016


I noticed a class getting a new class version when there had only been changes to class methods on a class.
After investigation, it’s because the order of class variables seemingly changed
	classVars: #( ObjectsForKeyword ObjectsForScope ObjectTestsForScope PropertiesForKeywords)
	classVars: #( ObjectTestsForScope ObjectsForKeyword ObjectsForScope PropertiesForKeywords)

However, the already loaded mcz file and the new mcz file for the package of this class have the same ordering (the last one) defined.
When I use Monticello to check for ‘changes’ in the image with respect to the current loaded mcz, it reports the changed class variable ordering. 
However, merging the new mcz into the image does not detect these changes, only a ‘full load’ triggers the setting of a new class version.

Summarizing, it seems the class definition in the image has a different class variable ordering defined than what was/is in the mcz file.

Is there any ‘class var reordering’ logic going in during such loads? Not sure if I can reproduce this, because it’s a bit hard to find out when this class var order change would have occurred.


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