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I am new to gemstone and still leaning c.
I am writing c code for gembuilder for c.

I wrote a c program that includes gci.hf and gcirtl.hf as specified  in the
GemBuilder for C documentation.

I am using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 64bit, GemStone/S 64 Bit v3.3.3. I use
gcc/g++ version 5.4.0 20160609 to compile the code.

I am using the next commands to compile the code.

Compile c code:
$ g++ -fmessage-length=0 -fcheck-new -O3 -ggdb -m64 -pipe -D_REENTRANT
-D_GNU_SOURCE -pthread -fPIC -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-exceptions
-I/opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/include -x c++ -c
userCode.c -o userCode.o

Link c objects:
$ g++ userCode.o $GEMSTONE/lib/gcirtlobj.o -Wl,-traditional
-Wl,--warn-unresolved-symbols -m64 -lpthread -lcrypt -ldl -lc -lm -lrt
-lpam -lpam_misc -Wl,-z,muldefs -o userAppl

Can you please help me by giving some suggestions on debugging the code?

When I compile and link the c code I get the following warnings:
/opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In function
/export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcicpp.hc:61: warning:
undefined reference to `GciFree'
/opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In function
`GciTravBufType::malloc(unsigned long, int, char const*)':
/export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcicpp.hc:33: warning:
undefined reference to `GciUtlMalloc_'
/opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In function
/export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcirtl.c:189: warning:
undefined reference to `GciShutdown'
/export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcirtl.c:190: warning:
undefined reference to `GciUnload'
/opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In function
`GciTravBufType::GciTravBufType(unsigned long)':
/export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcicpp.hc:45: warning:
undefined reference to `GciHostCallDebuggerMsg'

How do I go about addressing these warnings?

I had some problems importing the pam libs, the system could not locate
them. I installed libpam0g-dev this solved the problem. Should I have done
something else?

Are there any more libs that is recommended to install?

Any pointers and advice will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance
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