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Here'sthe answer from engineering:

   The warnings about undefined Gci*   symbols is normal.
   Those functions are resolved at runtime after one of the 
   library is loaded.  The library load is normally accomplished by
   calling  GciRtlLoad   or GciTsLoad  from your application's 
initialization code .

   See comments on gcirtl.hf for GciRtlLoad and GciTsLoad
   The "default path" is  $GEMSTONE/lib

   libpam0g-dev is an appropriate package .

   If using the thread-safe GCI library ,  include  gcits.hf instead of 
   and call GciTsLoad instead of GciRtlLoad .


On 8/7/17 10:29 PM, gustav de ridder via Glass wrote:
> Hallo
> I am new to gemstone and still leaning c.
> I am writing c code for gembuilder for c.
> I wrote a c program that includes gci.hf and gcirtl.hf as specified  
> in the GemBuilder for C documentation.
> I am using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 64bit, GemStone/S 64 Bit v3.3.3. I use 
> gcc/g++ version 5.4.0 20160609 to compile the code.
> I am using the next commands to compile the code.
> Compile c code:
> $ g++ -fmessage-length=0 -fcheck-new -O3 -ggdb -m64 -pipe -D_REENTRANT 
> -D_GNU_SOURCE -pthread -fPIC -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-exceptions 
> -I/opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/include -x c++ -c 
> userCode.c -o userCode.o
> Link c objects:
> $ g++ userCode.o $GEMSTONE/lib/gcirtlobj.o -Wl,-traditional 
> -Wl,--warn-unresolved-symbols -m64 -lpthread -lcrypt -ldl -lc -lm -lrt 
> -lpam -lpam_misc -Wl,-z,muldefs -o userAppl
> Can you please help me by giving some suggestions on debugging the code?
> When I compile and link the c code I get the following warnings:
> /opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In 
> function `GciTravBufHolder::free()':
> /export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcicpp.hc:61: warning: 
> undefined reference to `GciFree'
> /opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In 
> function `GciTravBufType::malloc(unsigned long, int, char const*)':
> /export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcicpp.hc:33: warning: 
> undefined reference to `GciUtlMalloc_'
> /opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In 
> function `GciRtlUnload':
> /export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcirtl.c:189: warning: 
> undefined reference to `GciShutdown'
> /export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcirtl.c:190: warning: 
> undefined reference to `GciUnload'
> /opt/gemstone/GemStone64Bit3.3.3-x86_64.Linux/lib/gcirtlobj.o: In 
> function `GciTravBufType::GciTravBufType(unsigned long)':
> /export/derby1/users/buildgss/33/build40760/src/gcicpp.hc:45: warning: 
> undefined reference to `GciHostCallDebuggerMsg'
> How do I go about addressing these warnings?
> I had some problems importing the pam libs, the system could not 
> locate them. I installed libpam0g-dev this solved the problem. Should 
> I have done something else?
> Are there any more libs that is recommended to install?
> Any pointers and advice will be appreciated.
> Thanking you in advance
> Gustav
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