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If you still have the tranlogs that were generated when you suspect these
objects were created, you can use the $GEMSTONE/bin/searchlogs script to
scan the tranlogs for selected oops and print out information about them
(creation, changes, gc activity).  Another useful script for tranlog
analysis is $GEMSTONE/bin/printLogs.  Run these with -h for more details on
usage.  The information printed out by these is *very* low-level (they were
originally developed to assist GemTalk Developers in analyzing system
behavior and diagnosing bugs) and can be challenging for customers to use,
but can be useful once you're familiar with the output they generate.  Note
that changes to these objects will also appear in the tranlogs, as well as
events related to earlier "incarnations" of the same oop and when the oop
was garbage collected, so some interpretation and analysis will be needed.

Since you're not sure exactly when this happened, you may only be able to
*try* and find when it happened by using searchlogs on as many tranlogs as
you have available and hoping for the best.

Good Luck.


Bill Erickson
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On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 3:44 PM, BrunoBB via Glass <
glass at lists.gemtalksystems.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem of "dangling objects". More specific we have two objects
> (the same) but are not identical.
> Some object in the System point to one and other objects point to the
> other.
> (OrbeonApplication getAnyApplicationNamed: 'ue') asOop
>  421403905.
> (BpmProcessDefinition getLatestProcessDefinitionNamed: 'visa-appliance'
> in:
> 'ue') application asOop
>  114898689.
> They must be identical (same oop), of course this is a bug in our software.
> But i want to now when both object were created, is this possible ?
> i have searched in System and SystemRepository (Repository) classes for
> method to get this info but so far no luck.
> regards,
> bruno
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